What is ZaiNar?

ZaiNar leverages patented digital signal processing techniques to locate radio devices including phones, vehicles, drones, and IoT in 3D with meter-level accuracy. The technology is narrow bandwidth and flexible across radio frequencies and protocols.

How It Works

Step 1

ZaiNar deploys a mesh network coverage area

ZaiNar deploys anywhere using existing wireless telecommunications infrastructure or installed readers (base stations) as nodes in the wireless mesh network. The mesh network can be expanded infinitely to provide coverage for location tracking anywhere, indoor and outdoor, with minimal long-range infrastructure. The technology does not rely on GPS/GNSS.

ZaiNar’s network self-calibrates, making it resilient to the movement of nodes, changes in the environment, and obstacles blocking line-of-sight. Simply put, it works in dynamic real-world environments.


1 Reader

Presence detection for any device in range of 1 reader.

Detect an object's presence in range of sensor.

2D Location

3 Readers

2D location for any device in range of 3 readers.

Detect an object's cordinates, like GPS.

3D Location

4 Readers

3D location for any device in range of 4 readers.

Detect an object's 3D location.

Step 2

ZaiNar locates devices within the coverage area

The mesh network receives signals emitted from radio devices during their normal operation. ZaiNar’s patented signal processing techniques analyze the signals received at different nodes in the mesh network to calculate the location where those signals originated from. To put it simply, devices already emit radio signals regularly, and ZaiNar can locate those devices by analyzing their signals that arrive at ZaiNar’s mesh network.

All location processing happens on the network, and ZaiNar generates a real-time map of where devices are located. The solution requires no hardware change or additional battery drain to track devices.

The location data can be made available to any consumer via an actionable software interface and to any existing system through API integrations.

Key Benefits

Narrow Bandwidth

ZaiNar’s narrow bandwidth approach is radio frequency agnostic, enabling the use of any available bands in the spectrum.


ZaiNar’s plug-and-play mesh network is easy to deploy and automatically adapts to changes in the physical environment or propagation path.

Nanosecond Timing

ZaiNar’s mesh network synchronizes and distributes network timing to within a nanosecond without the need for atomic clocks.

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