5G Positioning

ZaiNar tracks phones, vehicles, drones, and IoT in 3D with meter-level accuracy across indoor and outdoor environments. ZaiNar is already compatible with release 16 of 3GPP standards to enable location tracking for any 5G-NR device without any hardware changes. No hardware changes to phones and no hardware changes to the 5G cellular base stations.









Cell Phone


Benefits Of ZaiNar + 5G

Spectrum Efficient

  • ZaiNar’s narrow bandwidth requirements have a small footprint on limited radio spectrum resources.
  • Spectrum bandwidth can be repurposed for tracking a higher density of devices, more frequent location updates for faster moving devices, and other applications beyond positioning.
  • ZaiNar is frequency agnostic and can use whatever frequency bands are available.
  • Power Efficient

  • Using narrower signal bandwidth significantly reduces power consumption from transmission, reception, and processing.
  • ZaiNar utilizes the existing reference signals already transmitted during normal device operation for positioning.
  • ZaiNar does not require additional positioning specific signals (which also minimizes data bandwidth usage).
  • Scalable

  • No hardware changes needed anywhere in the stack (5G cellular base stations nor devices).
  • ZaiNar operates with high accuracy across outdoor and indoor dynamic environments.
  • ZaiNar is flexible for use in both network-based or device-based positioning.

  • Reliable

  • ZaiNar self-calibrates to provide consistent performance in the constantly changing environments of the real world.
  • ZaiNar operates independently of GPS and other global navigation satellite systems.
  • ZaiNar is more secure to spoofing attempts than GPS and other traditional positioning techniques with use of consensus-based positioning.
  • Opportunities

    ZaiNar opens many new capabilities and revenue streams…
    Smart City Real-time map of people, vehicles, and other devices
  • Track phones, vehicles, drones, IoT, and other 5G devices in real-time.
  • Vehicle-to-infrastructure coordination to ensure safer roads shared between cars, bikes, scooters, and the personal transportation options yet to be.
  • Managing micro-mobility to enable tracking and retrieval of connected bikes and scooters.
  • Public Safety
  • Location data can assist emergency response and improve public safety.
  • Are you ready to start tracking your 5G devices?